Feature of Kaga-Yuzen

About Yuzen

Work for drawing an outline with paste

Yuzen is a technique of a Kimono which gives an outline with the paste which achieves the duty of a bank so that dye may not be mixe.

It came to be called 'yuzen' name after the ' Miyazaki Yuzen Sai ' ,the founder of Yuzen.
The delicate white outline of a pattern which appears when washed at the process of finish.

About Kaga-Yuzen

Pictures tone. Nature and the classic are used as the motif.
Generally colorful. based on ' Kaga Gosai ( Kaga 5 color ) '.
  • enji(dark red)
  • odo (Chinese yellow)
  • ai(indigo)
  • kusa(grass green)
  • kodaimurasaki (antique purple)
  • "Aobana (A blue flower which is the origin of the dye )" is used for copy the design.
  • "Mushi-kui (Worm-eaten spot pattern)" and "Saki-bokashi (Shading off)" which are characterized by being still natural .
  • There are few gorgeous ornaments (golden processing etc.) .

Kaga-Yuzen as a Kimono

If you wear Kaga-Yuzen, your heart will be calmed, and feel something solemn.
Even Kaga-Yuzen is not gorgeous, it still fascinates many people with its "breathtaking beauty".