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Appearance of Nagamachi Yuzn Kan . .Nagamachi Yuzen Kan
Address : 2-6-16, Nagamachi, Kanazawa City, Japan

.Kaga Yuzen Kougei Kai Inc.
The 2nd floor
Exhibition, accessories sale, etc. of a kimono are performed.
1973 :
' Saihitsu-an ' is established on the remains of the Nagamachi samurai residence as an open public studio.
2003 : The 30th anniversary is celebrated and it unifies with a head office building. It unifies to become 'Nagamachi Yuzen Kan'.

.Kaga Yuzen Dyer Chi-ko
The 1st floor
The kimono is made.
Foundation :The late Edo Era (about 1850 age)
1964 : IIt becomes the name 'Chi-ko'
1975 : Ikkou Teranishi becomes a designer and it is the 7th generation now.

Representative : Kaga Yuzen Designer@Ikkou Teranishi

The feature of his works style are classic patterns, such as a flower, and an soft color tone.

Born in 1940 in Kanazawa city.
Won some prizes.
Lecturer in the Kinjo College.

Ikkou Teranishi