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Coloring on line
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The flow of
all processes
1. Planning The Desihn
2. Tailoring The Kimono
3. Copying The Design
4. Outlining The Design
5. Fixing The Outline
6. Coloring The Design
7. Fixing The Design
8. Covering The Design
9. Dyeing the Background
10. Fixing the Background
11. Removing The Resist
12. Steam Pressing
13. Embellishing Work
14. Touching Up The Design
15. Resewing The Kimono
In recent years, process are being rationalized thanks to progress of an automatic machine, a printing machine, etc.
However, most subdivided processes are specialized, and Kaga Yuzen retains traditional technique, and is performed by handmade processes.
Although it may be unreasonable, it's dignity and virture of Kaga Yuzen.
Outline of a processes
Copying: Outline of the pattern is copied from the draft figure and drawn on silk by the thin line of the juice of the flower called 'aobana' .
Outlining: It pulls along with the line of a sketch, pressing out paste from a pipe, and is made for dye not to ooze out at coloring processes.
Coloring: It paints giving a shading off etc. with the small brush.
Background: The portion of a pattern is covered with paste and the color of a background is dyed with the brush.
Traditional washing-in-cold-water scenery
Finish: By steaming, dye is fixed, and by washing in cold water, to wash out excessive paste.