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Nagamachi Yuzen Kan
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Coloring experience
Coloring experience photo
You paint on the silk of 15cm (5 inch) around , and is made in a frame.
Coloring experience photo
Fee :
4,000 yen
( excludes mailing fee )
Time :
2:30 or 3 hours required
( Start time : 9:00 and 13:30 )
( There is also courses for 1 hour that is simple pattern )

Try Coloring on line and see color difference before actual experience.

Wearing the Kaga Yuzen - Kimono of Hand-drawn -
Fixation experience photo
You can put on a formal kimono and take a commemoration photography.
Fee :
1,000 yen (excludes printing fee)
15 - 30 minutes required
( According to numbers of visitors wish to try on )

Excursion with a kimono - Kimono of printing -
Let's wear kimono and take a walk in Kanazawa city .
We are preparing all the things required .
Fee : 4,000 yen per day
In the following hotel,
There is also a stay package plan.
   -Kanazawa Excel Hotel Tokyu
Rental time : from 9:00 to 17:00
   * Reservation required