Kaga-Yuzen is a technique for hand-painting ‘Kimonos’, Japanese traditional closes.

Nagamachi Yuzen Kan is the only opened Kaga-Yuzen workshop in Kanazawa, Japan, 3-minute walk from the Nagamachi Buke Yashiki District, a famous place in the ancient city of Kanazawa.

The exhibits of Kaga-Yuzen kimonos, crafts, making processes, historical materials, and so on. We also offer coloring experience, dressing experience concerning Kaga-Yuzen.

*Temporarily closed


You can see Kaga-Yuzen kimonos, crafts such as ‘Noren (shop curtain)’ and ‘Kakejiku (hanging scroll)’, historical materials such as the Edo period design book, and process introduction panels.

An exhibition room and a shop

Various kimonos and handicrafts are exhibited. The accessories for souvenirs are also sold.

Information on process etc

We are exhibiting explanatory panel of Yuzen’s process, history and work desk etc.


It is rare and nationwide to be able to easily experience hand-painted coloring using authentic Yuzen dyeing techniques. There are also commemorative photos with Kaga-Yuzen and rental of Kimonos.

Coloring experience

Let’s try personally!

Fixation experience

You can feel the difference.

The rental of a ‘kimono’

Let’s excursion with wearing kimonos.


Address 2-6-16 , Nagamachi, Kanazawa-City, Japan
Opeartion Temporarily closed (reopening date to be determined)