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You can try an enjoy it !

Coloring Experience

You can experience a authentic hand-painted Kaga-Yuzen (Please reservation).
In the beginners course, you can make a lovely square dyeing frame, 15cm (5 inches) in about 1.5-2 hours.

The work is given a authentic finish such as steaming, so you cannot take it home on the day. We will send it after finishing work later.
(the picture frame is not included)

Wearing the Kaga-Yuzen

You can wear an authentic Kaga-Yuzen with a simple japanese Kimono’s belt called “Obi”, and take a photography in Nagamachi Yuzen Kan.
※No reservation is required
※Only for women

Kimono Rental

Why don’t you wear a kimono and take a walk through the ancient city of Kanazawa? All necessary items are prepared and rented. ( reservation system, Only for women)
With the support of the staff, anyone can wear it easily (about 15 minutes).It’s normal Kimonos, not authentic hand-painted Kaga-Yuzen.
*It’s normal Kimonos, not authentic hand-painted Kaga-Yuzen.