Furisode ( kimono with Long Sleeve )


A ladies’ formal kimono.

Originally single ladies wears in formal scenes, such as a coming-of-age ceremony and a wedding ceremony. However, it does not adhere to it, The beauty of the heart can be expressed if you put it with yourfeeling of gratitude at the time of the birthday or congratulation of the long life of your grandparents etc.

Kuro-tomesode ( Formal Black )

A married woman’s full dress.

Five crests embroidered and a pattern is in the skirt. If you wears in celebrating courtesy,wedding ceremony , and family ceremony, your childs will feel the heart of respect and the heart of gratitude to you.

Iro-tomesode ( Formal Colore )

The Kimono of the full dress which is ranked next to ‘Kuro-tomesode’ . It can be put on freely at the time of many turning points of life. If it is one crest type, it will bealternation of a semi-ceremonial Kimono. For the Kimono with a crest, the point of fixation is that you wear with your back of the heart straight.

Homongi ( Semi-Formal )

Although the Kimono of printing as street clothes has a good joke at priority, it is the recommendation which has the decent and moderate Kimono of Yuzen ‘ houmongi ‘ which it has on in the ceremony.

Noren (Small Curtain)

In Kanazawa, there is a custom to decorate Yuzen’s small curtain when marrying