The founder of yuzen “Miyazaki Yuzen Sai”

He emigrated to Kanazawa in 1712 and completed improvement of a design, and the technique using paste in the conventional dyed goods with the dyer who is the order taker of a government.

Although he was famous in Kyoto for a man describing the pattern of a fan, behind, the technique of Yuzen was established.

Edo Era (1603-1868 age) period Kaga Yuzen


The silk was mainly used in Komatsu city near Kanazawa city where silk is of produced.


The crest which decorated the surroundings of an ordinary family crest with picture patterns, such as a flower, was used.

Modern Kaga Yuzen


Although the dyeing design was patternized nationally, in Kanazawa, Yuzen was drawn based on the picture pattern of the painter held by dyer.
Although the painters in big cities had ornament drawing, they have to deal with crafts, such as Yuzen, and Kutani porcelain, Wajima-nuri, etc. in Kanazawa city.


Although mechanization came, chemical dye, technology of the model Yuzen which can mass-produce, a mechanical dyeing, and etc. was developed, a traditional technique was also inherited as it was.