When you come to Nagamachi Yuzen Kan, please come to the reception on the second floor from outside stairs.

After the reception, you will have a tour from the 3rd floor.

The 3rd floor:
Process display, Coloring work room, etc.

  • Display of commentary panels and samples of the Kaga-Yuzen production process, historical materials related to Kaga-Yuzen, etc
  • Kaga-Yuzen commentary video broadcast (about 8 minutes)
  • Coloring room 1 (usually not a demonstration, but you can take a photo with sitting on the working floor)

The 2nd floor:
Exhibition room, Souvenir shop, etc.

  • Exhibition room (kimono, Noren(shop curtain), Kakejiku (hanging scroll) and so on)
  • Reception desk, souvenir shop
  • Wearing experience corner, dressing room for renting kimonos

The 1st floor:
Dyeing studio

Tourists are not allowed to enter this floor. However, ask us for useing in a large number of tourist coloring experiences.